W&J Student Jess Skobel speaking at a podium

Jess Skobel

Jess Skobel '20
Class Of 2020

Leadership is second nature for Washington & Jefferson College history major Jess Skobel ’20. By her sophomore year, Jess was already co-chairperson of W&J’s TOM Talks (akin to TED Talks), secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA), and a Rule, Hughes, Murphy honor recipient—an award presented to sophomores who exemplify a high level of capability at W&J. Now a senior, Jess has taken over the role of SGA president and has a slew of experiences under her belt, including an impressive summer internship at the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, thanks to a connection from W&J Assistant Professor of History, David Kieran, Ph.D.

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